Monday, December 13, 2010

today is the day Dec 13th

Well here we are again! just getting settled in at the hospital. The doctor broke Cath's water so now we wait!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


My precious baby has to get tubes in his ears. =( We've been trying to treat some fluid/ear infections with meds but it just hasn't gone away. So even though he has been learning new words at an average rate, the fact is he is hearing everything like he is at least 6 inches under water. Our daycare person said that he is really advanced in everything and based on how advanced he is in other things, then his speech is behind that. Hopefully after this minor surgery he will become more advanced in speaking just like he is in everything else!! We are tentatively set for next Thursday so please keep us in your prayers that day and leading up to it as we are trying some more meds to get rid of his current infection.

Anyway...on a lighter note and going along with the "no" blog from a couple weeks ago. The other day we were all sitting at the table and I was telling Scott about a doctor's appointment. Scott said, "Poor little guy hasn't been hearing very well," and Braden, without a second's hesitation said, "no" in his adorable little voice. It was precious but kinda broke my heart in the same instance. I know it will be hard to see him in a hospital bed, but God is good and will get us(Scott and I...Braden won't feel much at all) through it. It's fun to hear him talk now so I can't wait when I know that he can really hear and speak even more! Thanks in advance for your prayers!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Helping Dad

For over 2 years Scott has been dreaming of this day!! When I was pregnant with Braden, Scott said I just want him to come out at age 2 so he'll help me do things. He knew that he wouldn't actually be doing things but so that they can act like they are both doing the job. =) That day has come!! This weekend Scott brought home a little grass for some dead areas and some dirt to level out the backyard and Braden "helped!" He helped dad put grass into the wheelbarrow and shoveled dirt! Then of course we had to swing after all that hard work!! =) It was so cute to see Scott and his little sidekick! I can't wait for more beautiful weekends like this to see my boys play!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun with Weston!!

Last Weekend we watched Weston while his mom and dad moved into a beautiful new house. We had a lot of fun!! They played on the playset outside, rode on the cars in the garage, and pretty much ran all around the house investigating and re-organizing everything!! =) The absolute most fun was bath time though!! The two boys individually love bath time but when they get together it even more fun!! They were so cute together. They colored each other with paint pens, and a roller marker. They also loved putting this foaming soap all over each other! (By the way thanks Grandma and Grandpa Davis, Cameo and Cutter for the bathtub fun) It was so cute to see them play together and splash all over!! =) One point was really cute because they poured water from one cup to another cup and then Weston poured it on himself. =) It was adorable!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kiddie Park!!

Last Thursday Mandy, Weston, Braden and I went to Kiddie Park in San Antonio. It was a lot of fun!! They had a lot of little kidamusement park rides, and Braden and Weston did great! I was kinda nervous that we would buy the tickets and then they would hate going on the rides without their mommies, but they were very big boys and went all by themselves!! Below are a few picks from our fun day together! We have some ansy little boys though because it's still impossible to get them both looking at the camera. =) There still the cutest little guys, and we'll get better at taking pics. =)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No, no, no

No means no and no means yes. It is usually easy to tell when Braden really doesn't want something because we get a "no, no, no" with a hand shaking back and forth. On the other hand, yes is a little harder to distinguish. For a while now we've been working with Braden on saying yes or nodding. We are getting close, but as he gets more and more decisive about what he wants it's funny to still hear him say no for everything. We ask if we wants to go outside and he says no, we then ask if he wants to stay inside and he says no. Sometimes we'll say do you want some food and he'll say no and then reach for the food. As Grandma Dianna says it's a very polite no. He means to says yes but no comes out.

Also, AJ is beginning work her magic with him. Last night we were sitting at the dinner table talking about getting Braden something and I jokingly said that AJ still owed him an extra Christmas present and Braden said no right after that! =) Then I said, "should AJ get a birthday present?" And of course Julia started nodding and then Braden started nodding. It was sooo funny! I'm sure they will only continue to work together to try to get their way.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random pics of our happy boy!!

A little chasing game...

Braden loves to be chased and sometimes you don't even have to chase him. He also loves to make this growling noise for any dinosaur, lion, bear, basically anything that might growl. He was growling about his dinosaur on his pj's and then just started running at me while growling and then running away. It was an unsaid rule in this game that every time I called his name he came towards me. It was so funny how he just kept on playing a game of cat and mouse when I didn't even move. =)